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Manager's Message - July 2018

As I write this Message, the San Miguel and STEC Annual Meetings have wrapped up, we just observed Memorial Day, the first tropical storm of the season has made landfall, ambient temperatures are climbing (along with ERCOT power prices!), and we are preparing for a good summer run for our generation assets and hopefully a quiet summer for our transmission assets. Sounds like a good time for Strategic Alignment!

Strategic Alignment is really a process to determine if the strategic priorities of management and staff are in alignment with the strategic priorities of the Members and Board of Directors. Unless those priorities line up, STEC staff can spend a lot of time and energy working on projects that may not be viewed as being of first importance by the Members.

In April, a consulting company was engaged to work with management and the Board of Directors to facilitate the Strategic Alignment process. During the months of April and May, the facilitator held face-to-face meetings with the STEC management team, and with each Member Cooperative’s Board Members to develop a list of potential strategic priorities to be addressed over the next 3 – 5 years. The next step for management and the Board is to rank those potential priorities in terms of importance to the organization and urgency with respect to the timing of taking action to address the priorities. A Board Retreat will then be held after the July Board Meeting to pare down the list to the 5-8 most important strategic issues, fully describe the issues, and determine what metrics will be used to measure success in addressing the issues.

Even your best people will fail to deliver their full potential unless they understand exactly what they’re responsible and accountable for, especially when they’re continually pulled in different directions.

Once the list of strategic issues is in place, management will develop an execution plan, communicate the plan to the Board of Directors and staff, and ensure that adequate monetary and manpower resources are in place to achieve the plan.

If we are to truly achieve "strategic alignment" between STEC, the Board of Directors, and the Members, it is necessary that each individual understands not just the list of issues, but also their respective role in ensuring that those issues are addressed. This will truly be a "team" effort.

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