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Manager's Message - April 2016

"By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." Benjamin Franklin

In last October’s Newsletter, I wrote about the Retirement Survey that each employee was asked to complete and submit, and the part the survey responses would play in a Succession Planning. Management and the Board of Directors have now taken the next step in the process of Succession Planning. On March 23rd, a Strategic Succession Planning Session was conducted at the Spring Creek Events Center. The purpose of the session was to identify gaps within the organization and formulate plans to fill those gaps. The gaps could result from critical work being performed by a single individual, leading to a need to identify other individuals within the organization that could/should perform those duties and plan to provide the necessary training to the individuals identified. The gaps could also result from a loss of personnel due to retirement, triggering a loss of institutional knowledge, and the need to transfer or hire additional personnel and transfer that knowledge prior to the planned retirements.

A key output of the March 23rd Strategic Succession Planning Session was the negotiated and agreed upon list of Corporate Competencies. These competencies identify the type of individual STEC will look for in employees in general, in supervisory positions, and in executive leadership. The competencies are as follows:

Core (all employees) Supervisory Executive
Integrity and Trust Building Effective Teams Business Acumen
Customer Focus Directing Others Strategic Agility
Problem Solving   Command Skills
Time Management    
Effective Communication    

Utilizing these competencies, Staff will now begin the process of assessing leadership potential among the workforce, further identify gaps, create plans to decrease or eliminate gaps, and begin the process of capturing and transferring knowledge. Our goal is to report back to the Board of Directors this Fall on our progress in completing these tasks. If you would like a copy of the Strategic Succession Planning Session "Post Session Summary", please contact Human Resources or your Division Manager.

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