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General Manager's Message - April 2021 by Mike Kezar

This will be my shortest Manager’s Message to date.
The critical event that occurred since the last newsletter edition is the winter event of February 12-19. That event, known as Winter Storm Uri, impacted all Texans, including STEC’s members, in a very significant way. Freezing temperatures, icing conditions, loss of power, soaring prices for natural gas and power, and seemingly endless recriminations, have had our attention for the past three months, and likely will for months to come.
Although Winter Storm Uri was an event of historical proportions, STEC’s employees rose to the challenge. In my testimony to the Texas Senate Business & Commerce Committee and the House State Affairs Committee on February 26th , I stated that I considered STEC’s employees to be heroes in the truest sense of the word.

Richard Sheridan wrote, "Never say more than is necessary." When I read the articles written by the Staff for this edition of the newsletter, I concluded that there is little I can add, other than that I am proud of you. Your commitment to excellence, your dedication and professionalism, and your focus on serving the needs of the members are admirable. And it is my privilege to serve with you.
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